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Hi, thanks for visiting.

I will constantly share here my ideas about the crypto world and my crypto market positions, so anyone can take profit of my researches.

I love this market because it is free, ecological and an emancipation vector.

Still 100% $HBAR until may 11th.

Then I’ll probably switch to $BNB, or a mix of $THETA & $ONE.


Cypto world is really really really simple!

If you trust El#n M#usk, buy $DOGE.

If you trust the Financial System, buy $XRP.

If you trust computer science, buy $HBAR.

If you trust everyone, buy $BNB.

If you trust no one, buy $BTC.

If you’re not sure, buy all.

Ok, here is my current portfolio.

I won’t argue about it. Most people, even smart ones, use their brain to argue on what they are already persuaded of. From a scientific point of view, this makes no sense.

My current portfolio is : 100% $HBAR

If you don’t know what Hedera Hashgraph is, Google is your friend.

As usual, do your own research (DYOR) and this is not a financial advice.

Ok let’s start!

Our economic system is based on inflation. To stand, it needs growth, despite ecological footprint. With Bitcoins, you can protect yourself against inflation.

Then, as economic growth is no longer needed, we can see Bitcoin as eco friendly. (Of course, only for savings, not for day to day transactions).

Let’s talk about mining. Of course, mining shouldn’t be done despite ecological footprint.

Anyway, to make things clear, crypto doesn’t need mining. Cupidity is the root cause of mining. Stop mining, no problem, price will rise. And newer blockchain are not even based on proof of stack. False problem.

Anyway, crypto and Bitcoin are the answer to stop exponential economic growth, that is the root cause of all ecological issues.

In fact it isn’t good or bad, it is just a tool. A screwdriver isn’t good or bad.

In terms of good or bad, a crypto is like a CDS (Credit Default Swap). First CDS was perfect and ended up very well. Then it was used by more and more people, people=shit, and bad things happened.


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